Swordtails And Platies by Herbert R. Axelrod, Lothar Wischnath

Swordtails And Platies by Herbert R. Axelrod, Lothar Wischnath

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More swordtails and platies are sold every year than any other genus of livebearing aquarium fish.

Unfortunately, only three species and their hybrids make up these huge sales, even though there are about 20 natural species. The reason for this seemingly odd situation is NOT that these three species are the most pretty, the reason is that they are easy to breed in outdoor ponds in Florida. They are the stillwater species and do well in ponds and hobbyists' aquariums. Some of the less popular species are VERY difficult to breed, even though breeding is almost automatic, as with most livebearers.

The authors of this magnificent volume have discussed, species by species, variety by variety, all of the known forms existing at the present time. They have illustrated them with outstanding color photographs, including their habitats, and told precisely where they can be found in Central America, mainly Mexico, so you can collect your own.

This book also contains chapters on Guidelines for Judging Swordtails and Platies, a subject which has NEVer been adequately covered and which can serve as a guide for fish competitions all over the world, and Tail Patterns, a subject never covered as such.

All in all, this is the most complete and up-to-date book on the subject of one of the world's most popular aquarium fishes. Its message is simply that these so-called 'beginner's fishes' are hardly for beginners, but are, in reality, for the most advanced and skillful hobbyists.