Parrotlopaedia by Annette De Saulles & Neil A. Forbes

Parrotlopaedia by Annette De Saulles & Neil A. Forbes

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The more you know about your parrot the better you will understand his specific needs and requirements.

In Parrotlopaedia you will find invaluable guidance on every aspect of parrot care and health, broken into the following easy-to-read sections: 1. Principles of parrot keeping, with information on housing, feeding, training, and breeding. 2. Health care, detailed anatomy and physiology, with an A-Z listing of parrot diseases.

Readers will learn how to care for parrots living in the house, how to care for aviary birds, how a parrot's body works, how to recognize parrot diseases, and how to breed and exhibit parrots.

Parrotlopaedia will prove to be an essential reference for all those who really are interested in providing the very best for their parrots.