Lop Rabbits As Pets By Sandy Crook

Lop Rabbits As Pets By Sandy Crook

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TFH, the publisher of this book, produces thousands of books on pets of all kinds. The TFH editors are rather "hard" when it comes to emotional involvement in the books they are editing ... but this book struck home.

Not only is the Lop rabbit a truley wonderful pet animal "more affectionate than a cat, and less demanding and quieter than a dog" but invalids, children and most other animals love them as well!

It is obvious that the author, Sandy Crook not only loves the Lop rabbit, but she undoubtedly knows more about them than anyone in the world!

She has come to be known as "Mother of the Lops" and this book is her crowning achievement wherein she tells all ... no secrets are witheld.

This is a wonderful book for every rabbit lover, and it provides a rare learning experience for everyone interested in pets

This book contains good advice about day to day maintence and health care that applies to EVERY rabbit breed

100+ Colour Photographs