Handbook of Fish Diseases by G. Untergasser, G. Untergasser

Handbook of Fish Diseases by G. Untergasser, G. Untergasser

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The most practical and complete fish disease book ever written!

This book is not only one hundred percent accurate and up-to-date, but it also clearly illustrates symptoms of diseases and their causes.

Treatment procedures are given in a simple, easy-to-read series of magnificent graphs especially designed by Dr. Axelrod, the foremost authority on tropical fish in the world. Hardcover, 8 1/2" x 11", 160 pages, over 100 color photographs and line drawings. TFH Publications - (1989)

The table of Contents is very detailed and explains what the reader can expect from each well developed chapter.The book has a listing of flow charts that can guide you right to the exact cause of a tropical fish disease problem. In fact these flow charts is what makes this such a great addition to any hobbyist`s book collection.

As each topic is covered, a wide array of actual photographs show what the disease or parasite looks like. This book offers a wealth of photographic information that will help anyone develop skills using a compound microscope.

The book also gives details about how to use your 35 mm camera when fastened to the microscope. This allows you to take clear color or B W photos to be studied later for identification.

This is a must have addition to any fish hobbyist collection. It is clear, it is detailed and easy to read.If you can only have one book on fish diseases and recommended treatments I think this book should be it.