Guppies Fancy Strains & How by Noboru Iwasaki

Guppies Fancy Strains & How by Noboru Iwasaki

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This book contains over 300 full colour photographs, drawings and charts

No other book contains as many full-colour photos or shows as many different guppy varieties as this one. Different finnge types, different colours nd colour patterns, different tail shpes nd body outlines - fantails, lyretails, delta-tails, swordtails, pintails, speartials, grass guppies, mosaic guppies, leopard guppies, cobra guppies, albino guppies - they are all here and they're all good to look at and learn about

But just showing the full range of current guppy development, with emphasis on developments in Singapore nd Japan, is not the only value of this book.

There also is a full text covering the pracitcal side of day to day guppy maintenance and breeding programs, coupled with revealing text and diagrams that make the inheritance of guppy traits easy to understand