Field Spaniel  by Becky Jo Wolkenheim

Field Spaniel by Becky Jo Wolkenheim

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This special rare breed edition dedicated to the Field Spaniel is the only book of its kind about this fun-loving, active sporting spaniel. As a much-needed resource for new Field Spaniel owners, this new book offers reliable and up-to-date information to help the reader better understand, train and raise this independent and talented hunting dog. For a country or suburban dweller seeking an intelligent, loyal companion, the Field Spaniel is certain not to disappoint. Owners, equipped with patience and a sense of humour, will welcome this dog's antics and energy, informed by its delightful brand of mischief and tail-wagging industry. Clever, merry and good-natured, the Field Spaniel guarantees an abundance of smiles in every household in which he dwells.