Bullmastiff by Juliett Cunliffe Petlove Series

Bullmastiff by Juliett Cunliffe Petlove Series

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Brilliantly devised from two of Britain's most prized rough and tumble dogs, the Bulldog and the Bullmastiff endures as one of the world's most celebrated working breeds, endowed with a spirited temperament, a powerful build and vigorous activity.

Whether you're just about to bring your first canine companion into your home or an experienced dog owner, this truly authoritative series provides expert insight into the nature and abilities of your chosen breed.

With each volume featuring practical, tried-and-tested tips and techniques for training your dog, the latest information on nutritional requirements, health and first aid for dogs, as well as fabulous full-color photography, this series is bound to be a sure-fire hit with dog-lovers everywhere.

Filled with practical training tips, up-to-date health and nutrition advice, this is a must-have series for all dog-lovers.