Bull Terrier by Bethany Gibson

Bull Terrier by Bethany Gibson

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The "White Cavalier" promises to be a colorful companion dog for just about anyone willing to give himself over to this spirited canine. The Bull Terrier is a fiercely loyal dog with a gladiator's heart and a clown's brain. His well-protected family is equally entertained and loved. The Bull Terrier's popularity continues to grow as the breed offers almost every owner--male and female, country and city dweller, young and old-- a top-class dog that abounds in personality, talent and ability.

This Comprehensive Owner's Guide serves as an excellent introduction to the Bull Terrier, including a special section on the breed in the US written by guest author David Harris, and a lively chapter on the breed's characteristics and personality, illustrated by fantastic color photographs of the breed at work and play.

Author Bethany Gibson also discusses the selection of a puppy, introducing the puppy to your safe home, house-training and obedience lessons. All of the basics of care and maintenance are detailed, including feeding the Bull Terrier throughout his life, grooming, exercise and conditioning.

Whether you are a newcomer to the "White Cavalier" or a long-time fancier, this new volume will be a treasured addition to your dog-book shelf.